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Features in the January/February issue

Global Soft Drinks

It was a year shaped by financial turbulence, terrorism, mass migration and maybe a plan to address climate change. Canadean’s global forecast, published in the autumn, suggests that it was a better year for soft drinks with the global market expanding by 18 billion litres, the equivalent of nearly 3%, reports Richard Corbett.

Can Sugar Get Any Sweeter?

Sugar inversion has to be closely monitored as the beverage composition gradually changes with progressing inversion, writes Dr Karin Biebernik.

Controlling Microbial Hazards

Sterile filtration of CO2 represents a relatively simple and low cost approach to safeguard against microbial hazards present in the carbonation process, according to Daniel Vescey.

Carbon Dioxide Quality

The issue of activated carbon allergens and the quality of carbon dioxide has been a recently discussed hot topic in the soft drinks industry. Dr Kristopher J. Elliott and David McMillan examine the issue in detail.

The Beverage Can

If you discount North America, then can performance is actually outstripping PET dramatically, jumping by nearly half in a decade. A quite stunning statistic, concludes Richard Corbett.

The Benefits Of Metal Packaging

Syrups is a significant market segment in France, being worth some 350 million Euros and with 185 million litres produced and consumed annually. It is also an area where metal has always been successful, according to Crown.


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