Detoxify Mega Clean Review: Is Detoxify Mega Clean NT with Metaboost better than the previous product version?

Detoxify Mega Clean NT is a potent cleansing product that effectively eliminates toxins from the body, addressing environmental pollutants, food, and medications. It suits regular or occasional cannabis users and offers a convenient and efficient detoxification method. This product is highly recommended for individuals concerned about passing drug tests, particularly those with regular or heavy drug usage. Mega Clean Detoxify drink stands out among other detox drinks by providing a universal solution for all drug users, regardless of BMI or marijuana concentration levels. Choose Detoxify Mega Clean NT detox drink to pass the drug test and have a reliable detoxification experience.

Detoxify Mega Clean NT

What is Detoxify Mega Clean NT, and how does it work?

Detoxify Mega Clean NT is a highly sought-after detox drink that targets the liver, kidneys, and urinary system to eliminate toxins and restore the body’s natural balance. It is an enhanced-formula version of Detoxify Mega Clean. “NT” abbreviation in its name stands for “No Time” which means that the product works even faster than its previous version. Also, Mega Clean NT Herbal Cleanse is enhanced with Metaboost capsule to eliminate pre-cleanse and makes the product effective even for high THC exposure in a very short period of time.

It is specifically designed for individuals aiming to pass a urine drug test successfully. Regardless of your THC exposure, whether you are an occasional or heavy user of marijuana, Detoxify Mega Clean NT claims to be effective in helping you cleanse your body effectively. With its specialized formulation and focus on urine tests, this detox drink provides a reliable solution for individuals seeking to eliminate toxins and achieve optimal detoxification results.

Detoxify Mega Clean NT, manufactured by Detoxify LLC, has a positive brand reputation with solid customer feedback on platforms like Amazon and Walmart. With an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars from over 450 reviews on Amazon, it is regarded as an effective detox product. There are not so many reviews yet, as this version is new on the market. But the previous – Detoxify Mega Clean – has 4 out of 5 stars and over 7k reviews.

How does it stand out among other detox products?

The main advantages of Detoxify Mega Clean NT that distinguish it from other detox products are:

  • Comprehensive Detoxification Formula

Detoxify Mega Clean NT targets many toxins, making it suitable for various substances, including THC and more. This versatility sets it apart from products that may be designed for specific substances only.

  • Ease of Use

Detoxify Mega Clean NT comes conveniently ready to drink, eliminating the need for complex mixing or preparation. This makes it a user-friendly option, especially for those who prefer a hassle-free detoxification process.

  • Established Track Record

Detoxify Mega Clean NT has been on the market for a significant period, gaining a track record of success and positive user experiences. This longevity and positive reputation make it a reliable detoxification option.

  • Scientifically Developed Formula

The formulation of Detoxify Mega Clean NT is based on scientific research and development, ensuring that the product is designed to maximize effectiveness and deliver consistent results.

It’s important to note that individual experiences and results may still vary, and following the instructions and guidelines provided by the manufacturer for optimal results is recommended.

Key Ingredients

The package of Detoxify Mega Clean NT Herbal Cleanse consists of a detox drink and the Metaboost capsule. Let’s explore the ingredients of both.

The detox drink ingredients

  • Folate

It helps produce red and white blood cells, supporting overall cellular function during detoxification.

  • Niacin

Also known as vitamin B3, is a water-soluble vitamin that aids in the detoxification process by supporting liver function, helping to convert toxins into less harmful substances, and assisting in the production of energy to facilitate various metabolic processes in the body.

  • Chromium

It assists in regulating blood sugar levels and metabolism, promoting overall well-being during detox.

  • Calcium

Calcium is essential for bone health and nerve function, helping maintain overall bodily function during detoxification.

  • Biotin

Supports the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, aiding in the overall cleansing process.

  • Zinc

It plays a role in immune function and helps the body eliminate toxins.

  • Selenium

This ingredient is an antioxidant supporting the body’s natural defense against oxidative stress during detoxification.

  • Thiamine

It converts carbohydrates into energy, helping maintain energy levels during cleansing.

  • Potassium

The component is essential for maintaining electrolyte balance and supporting kidney function.

  • Riboflavin

It helps convert food into energy and supports cellular function during detoxification. Moreover, it is an important ingredient to give natural yellowish color during the urine test to make it look natural after the detoxification process.

Also, the drink contains the following herbal extract:

  • Burdock Root Extract

This Extract is known for its diuretic properties and supports liver function, aiding in eliminating toxins.

  • Milk Thistle Seed Extract

It contains silymarin, a powerful antioxidant that supports liver health and helps to detoxify the body by protecting liver cells from damage caused by toxins and promoting their regeneration.

  • Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract

It aids in detoxification by supporting kidney function, promoting diuresis, and assisting in the elimination of toxins through increased urine production.

  • Uva Ursi Leaf Extract

This ingredient is also known as bearberry and contains arbutin, a compound that has diuretic properties, helping to flush out toxins from the urinary tract and support kidney function, which contributes to the overall detoxification process.

  • American Ginseng Root Extract

Known for its adaptogenic properties, it may help reduce stress during detoxification.

These ingredients help balance urine characteristics, provide vital nutrients, and support the body’s natural detoxification processes. It’s important to note that individual results may vary, and the effectiveness of these ingredients in masking substances or passing drug tests may depend on various factors, such as the specific drug used, frequency of use, and individual metabolism.

  • Taurine

It plays a role in detoxification by supporting liver function, aiding in the metabolism of toxins, and promoting the excretion of harmful substances from the body.

  • Citrus pectin

The component aids in detoxification by binding to heavy metals and other toxins in the body, facilitating their elimination through the digestive system.

The Megaboost Capsule Ingredients

  • L-Taurine

It assists in the detox process by enhancing the liver’s ability to break down and remove harmful substances, contributing to overall detoxification and liver health.

  • Guarana Seed Extract

This extract is rich in caffeine, which acts as a natural diuretic and stimulant, aiding in the elimination of toxins from the body through increased urine production and promoting mental alertness during the detoxification process.

  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract

The extract supports detoxification by promoting liver function, helping the body metabolize toxins more efficiently.

How to Use Detoxify Mega Clean NT

Detoxify Mega Clean NT instructions are as follows:

  1. Read the instructions provided with Detoxify Mega Clean NT thoroughly to understand the process.
  2. Approximately 2–3 hours before your scheduled drug test, drink the entire bottle of Detoxify Mega Clean NT.
  3. After consuming the detox drink, wait for about 15 minutes. Shake it well and drink it.
  4. While drinking the water, take the enclosed Metaboost capsule.
  5. In the following hour, make an effort to urinate frequently. This helps to flush out toxins from your body.
  6. Once you have completed the steps and feel sufficiently detoxified, you can submit your urine sample for the drug test.

Dosage Recommendations and Timing Considerations

  • Consuming the entire bottle of Detoxify Mega Clean NT is essential for optimal results.
  • Ideally, down the drink approximately 2–3 hours before your scheduled drug test.
  • Follow the timing recommendations provided with the product to ensure effectiveness.

To maximize the effectiveness of Detoxify Mega Clean NT

  • Avoid consuming drugs for 20–40 hours before the test.
  • Stay well-hydrated and maintain a healthy diet.
  • Engage in light physical activity and minimize exposure to toxins.

Safety considerations

  • Not for individuals under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • Consult a healthcare professional if on medication.
  • Check local regulations to ensure legal use.

How Long Does Detoxify Mega Clean NT Take to Work?

Detoxify Mega Clean NT starts working after 1.5-2 hours, and it is effective for 4-5 hours after taking it. The process begins when you consume the drink, specially formulated with a blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals known for their detoxifying properties. These ingredients support your body’s natural detoxification mechanisms, primarily focusing on the liver and kidneys.

Does Detoxify Mega Clean NT Really Work?

It takes depends on several factors.

  • Metabolism

Individual metabolic rates can differ, affecting how quickly the body processes and eliminates toxins.

  • Drug type and usage

The specific drug or substance used and its frequency and quantity can influence the time required for detoxification.

  • Body mass and hydration level

Body mass and hydration can impact the dilution and elimination of toxins.

  • Overall health

The effectiveness of Detoxify Mega Clean NT can be influenced by an individual’s health, particularly liver and kidney function. For optimal results, consuming the drink 3–4 hours before a scheduled drug test is recommended, and avoiding consuming any food or beverages during this period. The detox drink works by flushing out toxins through increased urination. Its effects can last approximately 4–5 hours.

Where to Buy Detoxify Mega Clean NT Detox Drink?

The price of Detoxify Mega Clean NT on the official website is $569.99. However, a discount is currently available and is being sold for $55.99 on the official website. Mega Clean detox drink at Walmart costs $59.99.

In addition to discounts offered by different retailers, Detoxify also provides free standard shipping on all orders of their brand products that are $25 or more before taxes are applied. Furthermore, if your order totals $100 or more, Detoxify provides an even better offer: free next-business-day shipping. This free shipping option saves customers money on delivery charges when purchasing their desired detox products.

Detoxify Mega Clean NT VS. Detoxify Mega Clean Detox Drink without the capsule

You may wonder “What is the difference between Detoxify Mega Clean and Detoxify Mega Clean NT with Megaboost?” There are a few features to take into consideration:

Aspect Detoxify Mega Clean Detoxify Mega Clean NT with Megaboost
Precleanse Required Yes No
Flavor Profile Regular, with higher sugar Lower-sugar
Metabolic Enhancing No Yes
Herbal Blend Burdock Root Extract Burdock Root Extract
American Ginseng Root Extract American Ginseng Root Extract
Guarana Seed Extract Guarana Seed Extract
Milk Thistle Seed Extract Milk Thistle Seed Extract
Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract
Taurine L-Taurine
Uva Ursi Leaf Extract Uva Ursi Leaf Extract
Panax Ginseng Root Extract
Targeted Body Systems Urinary, circulatory, digestive Urinary, circulatory, digestive
Suitable for High Toxins Yes Yes
Suitable for Regular Use Yes Yes, periodically as part of a monthly routine
Weight/BMI Consideration No No

Note that Detoxify Mega Clean NT with Megaboost does not require a pre-cleanse, has a lower-sugar flavor profile, and includes a metabolic-enhancing capsule. It targets the urinary, circulatory, and digestive systems to help remove various toxins from the body. Detoxify Mega Clean can be used periodically as part of a monthly detox routine, and both products are suitable for high levels of toxins without considering weight or BMI.


  • Formulated with potent natural herbs to aid detoxification and support the body’s cleansing mechanisms.
  • Includes diuretic herbs that increase urine production and flush out toxins, temporarily reducing drug metabolite concentrations.
  • Replenishes essential nutrients lost during detoxification, promoting overall well-being.
  • It provides a natural-looking color to urine, minimizing the risk of detection during drug tests.
  • Positive feedback and user recommendations suggest its effectiveness in passing urine drug tests.
  • Works quickly, with results lasting up to 5 hours, increasing the chances of producing a drug-free urine sample.
  • Manufactured by Detoxify, a reputable brand known for producing detoxification products.
  • Widely available for purchase online and in select retail stores, ensuring convenience for users.


    • Detoxify Mega Clean NT has a limited effectiveness window, lasting only three to five hours. It is crucial for individuals using this drink to pass a drug test to be cautious and consumes it within two hours before the test.
    • Detoxify Mega Clean NT is relatively costly compared to other detoxification products available on various online platforms.
    • Excessive urination caused by Detoxify Mega Clean NT can lead to further health problems. Constant trips to the bathroom may result in diarrhea or nausea, causing discomfort and potentially interfering with daily activities.

    Do Detox Drinks Work for A Drug Test?

    Drug tests are designed to detect the presence of specific substances or their metabolites in the body. The most common types of drug tests include urine, hair, and saliva. Urine tests are the most frequently used method due to their convenience and cost-effectiveness. The tests work by analyzing the sample’s chemical composition to identify the presence of drugs or their byproducts.

    THC Detox drinks are marketed as products that can help individuals pass drug tests by temporarily masking or flushing out the toxins from their system. These drinks typically contain a combination of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and diuretics that are claimed to enhance the body’s detoxification process and dilute the urine, making it more challenging to detect drugs. Scientific evidence on detox drinks for passing drug tests is limited and mixed, with some studies showing positive results. However, strong scientific consensus on their effectiveness needs to be improved.

    Customer reviews

    Following are the reviews on Mega Clean Detoxify.

    • Positive Comment

    Detoxify Mega Clean Review 1

    The Amazon customer comment is a positive review expressing satisfaction. The customer would give a rating of “10 stars” out of 5. Initially, the customer was anxious about passing a drug screen for a new job. However, the customer recently received confirmation that they have been cleared to start the job.

    • Positive Comment

    Detoxify Mega Clean Review 2

    Another among mega clean reviews 2023 is an Amazon customer comment which is a positive review. She described the product as a blessing that helped her secure their desired job. She emphasizes the importance of following the directions and recommends consuming it cold.

    • Positive Comment

    Detoxify Mega Clean Review 3

    This Walmart customer comment explains a positive review where the person was satisfied. They state that individuals who claim this product don’t work had unrealistic expectations.

    • Negative Comment

    Detoxify Mega Clean Review 4

    Another Detoxify Mega Clean NT review 2023 is by an Amazon customer. The customer is a daily marijuana smoker weighing 190 lbs and used a product to pass a drug test. She didn’t like the flavor. Uncertainty remains regarding factors such as water consumption and timing that may affect the test result.

    Other Alternatives

    Jazz Total Detox Drink

    Jazz Total Detox Drink is effective in detoxing the body from THC. It works for light-to-moderate cannabis users.
    Natural ingredients: Jazz Total Detox Drink contains natural ingredients, including vitamins, taurine, L-lysine, L-tyrosine, and creatine.
    Cost: The price of a 16 oz bottle (which is for people with a weight of up to 230 pounds) is $34.95 on the manufacturer’s site, and a 10 oz bottle (which is for people with a weight of over 230 pounds) costs $24.95. Bulk purchase discounts are available, such as a twin pack for $39.95 and a ten-pack for $99.80.

    Rescue Detox Ice Drink

    Rescue Detox Ice Drink helps remove toxins and cannabis residues from urine. It also works only for light-to-moderate cannabis users.
    Natural ingredients: The beverage is made from natural components and includes organic sweeteners and herbs.
    Cost: The price of Rescue Detox Ice Drink varies across different online stores, but on Amazon, it ranges from $17.99 to $18.99 per bottle. Free shipping options and discounts for bulk purchases may be available.
    Please note that both alternatives have their pros and cons, and individual experiences may vary.


    Detoxify Mega Clean NT offers a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking to clear their bodies. It stands out among other detox products with powerful natural herbs, replenishing qualities, and positive customer feedback. Its key advantages include using diuretic herbs, replenishing vital nutrients, and a respected brand reputation. While individual results may vary and the window of effectiveness is limited, Detoxify Mega Clean NT provides a convenient and reliable option for temporary detoxification. Don’t wait – order now and experience the benefits of a quick and simplified detox process. Detoxify Mega Clean NT makes detoxification easier than ever before.

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