Sugary drinks under the spotlight

Responding to the article The dietary advice on added sugar needs emergency surgery published in the British Medical Journal, Gavin Partington, British Soft Drinks Association Director General, said: “The nutritional content of soft drinks is clearly stated on the label, and nutritionally there is no difference between sugars that are added and those that are naturally occurring: the body treats them as just the same. Sugar sweetened soft drinks provide only 2% of calories in the average diet, and consumption of soft drinks containing added sugar has been in decline even while obesity rates have been rising.
“We all recognise our industry has a role to play in the fight against obesity, which is why soft drinks companies have been reducing the calorie content of our drinks for many years now, and currently more than 60% of all soft drinks contain no added sugar. Like all food and drink, soft drinks should be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.”

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